Spring (September, October) Daytime temperature range 11° to 17°C

What a beautiful season! Perfect sunny days skiing or snowboarding, while the new growth and blossoms burst out to bask in the warmer weather. You’ll burst outdoors too, to explore the rich adventures waiting for you – fishing or kayaking in the lakes and rivers, hiking or biking through the mountain trails. And our Wanakafest in the second week of September is fun for the whole family...

Mou Waho Island is an island in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. It is around the same size as the nearby Mou Tapu Island, these two islands being the largest in the lake.
Buff Weka can be found on the island but will predate the many native wildlife which include mountain stone wetas, cave wetas, and Southern Alps gecko. For this reason students of the local Mount Aspiring College built 40 small wooden motels for these animals to safely live in.

Spring things to do:

- Skiing/Snowboarding
- Fishing/Flyfishing
- Kayaking and Boating
- Mountain Biking
- Hiking
- Hunting
- Horse Riding
- Golf
- Wanakafest

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